Sunday, 1 October 2017

Celebration Assembly

Well done Ashlyn and Mila for sharing your beautiful Spring art in our Celebration Assembly. The pictures look beautiful. Well done Ava for getting the Learn Principal award. You're always working hard to achieve your goals and helping others to get there's too!

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Community Helpers the Fire Service

It was so exciting when the Fire Service came to school. We got to investigate a fire engine up close. We saw all the different hose reels and all the other safety equipment that fire fighters use to stop fires and rescue people. We learnt that we have to stop, drop and roll if we are ever in a fire at home. The highlight of the visit was when we got to go inside the fire truck. It was big!

Teacher Take Over

We are all teachers and experts at something.  On Fridays Mrs Kearns gets to step back and we get to take over. Miss Liliana taught us how to make sock puppets. She gave our gotchas to all those children who were listening carefully. 
Mr Louis taught us some surfing skills. We all wished we could take a trip to the beach and give it a go. It was so cool having a look at his surf board.

Shiver me Timbers we had a pirate take over!!

Oh me hearties.... pirates and mermaids took over Room 2 in Pirate Week. We all had pirate names and we read pirate stories, did pirate maths to count our treasure, wrote Pirate Wanted descriptions and made pirate hats and ships. The highlight was our dress up day!!!

Friday, 22 September 2017

Te Reo Maori- Maori Language Week

We loved celebrating Maori Language Week. We spent the week learning Te Reo. In Maths we were counting and adding in Te Reo. We entered a competition on Waiata Wednesday.  We leant Ko Tangi te Kuri. It's one of our favourites. We like it because it's about all the animals we have been writing about in Story Telling. We versed Room 6 and made it through to verse Room 9. We were so super surprised to make through and perform it in  Assembly.   Pai Mahe Katoa!

Room 2 Poetry Competition

Room 2 were amazing at learning and performing a poem or nursery rhyme. Each superstar stood up in front of the class and shared their poem. Everyone was brave and excited. Mrs Kearns found it so hard to select only two people we had to have a semi final with Room 1. Eilidh and Ryder were selected to represented Room 2. They did an amazing job at the Junior Poetry Competition. Eilidh performed Little Boy Blue and Ryder performed We see Leaves. They were awesome. We were all super proud when Ryder came third equal. Well done everyone- you were fabulous!!!

We Love to Move!

Room 2 loves getting outside and moving. We love our PE sessions. We do Sport once a week with Matt from the Belfast Rugby Club. We have also had a skills session with Canterbury Junior Cricket. We learnt about catching and throwing a ball. We played a game too. Logan from Canterbury Touch Rugby has taught us some handy tips for the up coming Touch Rugby season. We also love to celebrate our class mates awards and trophies from their weekend sport. 

Well done to Finn, Ava and Benjamin who had an awesome season with the Bull Dogs.

Room 2

This is Room 2's blog. We are group of enthusiastic learners who are new to school in Year 1. We are like a school of fish and we are searching and discovering new things every day. We are so excited about our blog and we will be sharing lots of our amazing learning.